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Artikelnummer: E353Y-0170

99,99 €
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The award-winning GEL-CHALLENGER series combines a classic look with state of the art technologies for tennis players. The GEL-CHALLENGER 9 offers an improved fit and better durability.

The DuoMax System in the midsole provides excellent sideways stability while the T-Truss, an extended Trusstic, offers additional support in the heel, especially for the jumping forehand stroke.

With both Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning, the shoe absorbs impact shock upon landing and take-off, while the Solyte midsole creates extra cushioning.

The shoe's outsole is slightly thicker on the inside of your foot to accommodate for sideways movements.

The Hotmelt upper contains less stitching, and less potential for irritation, to create a more comfortable fit. It is also more durable, especially on the inside of the shoe.